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Wine, food and cordial service

At Quartier, we wanted to combine our two passions - exceptional quality wines and delicious food - in a simple and inviting way. Our founders' travels in bistros across Europe ignited the idea for Quartier. To a place where you can feel at home while enjoying the joys of great food and wine.

As the name suggests, Quartier is a neighborhood bistro; a place where you can quickly stop by for a glass of your favorite wine or to enjoy our cuisine just the way you want. Our menu is composed of individual portions, giving you the freedom to choose your own culinary adventure according to your preferences. Our attentive staff is also always ready to help you combine flavors to achieve an unforgettable meal.

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The perfect combination of hospitality and taste experience: Welcome to Quartier

Quartier seamlessly combines the timeless classics of international bistros with the fresh and innovative flavors of Nordic cuisine. We are not tied to just one country or food culture, but instead embrace the spirit of curiosity and adventure in every dish. Our regularly changing menu gives you the opportunity to always find something new and exciting on your plate.


And of course, no dining experience at the Quartier is complete without our carefully selected wine list. At the heart of our wine list is the skill of expertly combining flavors with our culinary creations. You are always welcome to enjoy our wines, whether you choose a glass or a bottle.


Imagine Quartier as an extension of your own living room, a place where you can pop in quickly or settle down to spend a relaxing evening according to the long formula. Our warm and considerate service aims to make you feel at home, ensuring that every visit is equally successful. So step in, enjoy a glass of bubbly, and let us take care of the rest. 



Quartier welcomes you - Whether you're popping in for a quick drink or settling in for a relaxing evening according to the long formula. Whether you want a delicious meal or a glass of top wine, Quartier is the right place to enjoy the good sides of life.

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